Sunday, March 31, 2013

Annual Dinner - The Last

Oh yeah, last annual dinner last nite.
Thanks for the juniors and everyone involved.
With the theme Colourblock , everyone looks great.
The event is just nice but the food is not so good, anyhow enjoy the nite
No pics for now as I don't bring the camera. 
Later on the pics will be post/upload.

Friday, March 29, 2013

PRU 13

Selamat pagi semua.
Morning post ... Let's talk about recent news.
Pru13 la apa lagi kan.
Actually this things comes out ftom my mind after I open the Facebook and everything is on my wall is these!
Yes, politics,politics and always politics!
Sounds annoying rite but that's the true.

I am not sick of it but the person who talk about these is making me sick.
Your vote is a secret, so please think wisely to decide your future.
Jangan cakap je kencang!
And for me, x leh mengundi sebab x mendaftar lagi.
Menyesal pulak x mendafter nie.
Haisssh, such a bad citizen am I!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inilah Cinta (Akustik)

Hi guys, long time no see. 
Haha ... Just coming back from the practice.
I'm gonna do a performance with my friends for the Annual Dinner.
A song entitled Inilah Cinta by Akim Ahmad.
We are going to do the acoustic version.
Hope everything is gonna be fine.
Wish us luck guys!

Trip To Dungun

Hye guys, lamo sungguh x singgah sini.
Nak kata sibuk, xlah sibuk sangat.
Minggu lepas baru je abis trip g Dungun sehari.
Jalan-jalan rumah Jimi.
Masa dekat Dungun tu, singgah la kat pantai UiTM Dungun.
Lupa la pulak nama apa.
Tapi best la jugak main air situ, cantik la jugak.

Love Sometimes Gives You Hell

Love, it is beautiful but it won't last forever.
The ugly part will comes someday and I do have mine.
It is not passing by but the memories will remains.
I try to take it lightly but it is hard.

I wish you can satay but I cannot hold you.
I wish you well.
Good bye my love.
I will try to forget you.