Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hey guys, since I don't have nothing to do, listening to music is the best,
Now is listening to this duo from Korea LeeSSang.
Yeah, they might be not famous if we compared to other group from Korea, but this duo has something really good to me.

The voice of the vocalist Gil, is really unique and the rapper, Kang Gary which I know from the Runningman show has good in rap.
Enjoy listening their song especially when they are singing together with Jung In.

Keep it up guys!


putree said...

try spanish song! besss woo.
chino y nacho. ko bke lgu mi nina bonita kerr..anything la.
i loike them!!!

Mitchie Yusoff said...

dah, spanish song da dngar da, two years ago, hahaha.thanks for the reco