Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cameron Highlands

Hye guys, sem break almost over.
Gonna start the new sem soon. My last sem!
Oh yeah, the pic was taken during the camp in Cameron Highlands.
If I'm not mistaken, last year on July I think.

Kind of missing all the moments there as we are very close to the nature, really.
Can you imagine taking a bath at the stream at night in Cameron Highlands!
It is very cool lah! 
Kind of shiver once I touched the water but it was a pleasant actually.
Yes, I really wanna go there again.
Cameron Highlands, wait for me.

One more thing that are really makes me feel great being there.
The atmosphere in the area is great.
I still remember when we climbed the hills, forgot the name.
It was beautiful, here the pic.

Awesome rite.
Anyone wanna join me to go the Cameron highlands?


Nabilah Syahira said...

Join? belanje eh? xD

Mitchie Yusoff said...

haha, boleh je, belanja teh je. yg lain sendiri

Nabilah Syahira said...

Je? keychain tak nak belanje kan ke? wakakaka :D

Mitchie Yusoff said...

keychain boleh la. nak ke?