Saturday, July 7, 2012

~ Amplang - Keropok dari Sabah ~

Hello guys ...
Still in Sabah mood actually,
I just wanna share something about the place I went last week.
Tawau, Sabah ... 

Well, I do find a lot of new thing there but the especially the food.
So, dalam bnyak2 mknn tu. Tertarik utk menceritakan tentang Amplang.
Amplang actually is a snack up to three flavors I guess, ikan, udang dan sotong.
The one I show in the pic is perisa ikan.

The taste of the Amplang is kind of the same as the taste of 'keropok' ikan but still the looks is different rite ..
Anyway, I do enjoy eating eat and hopefully I can go there again to buy the squid one ...

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