Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Drop Dead Diva

Hey guys!!!
Hahaha... this entry actually not about this! DROP DEAD DIVA!!!

I know maybe some of you knows about this TV series and some of you did not know. It's okay because I'm not going to write about that.
What I'm going to talk about is THIS!

Today I've checked my RESULT for the previous semester [HERE] and this is what I've got...

Hmmm... Kind of UPSET with it but what to do, things happened already so just go with it. Sometimes I'm so JEALOUS with other as their result is better than mine but maybe they work harder than me.

Well, I think it's okay for me to get jealous because maybe it can lead me to WORK HARDER and FOCUSING more on my studies.
Well, life must go on and what I need to do is FOCUS!!!

That's all guys.. Do pray for my SUCCESS!!!

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