Friday, June 3, 2011

Survivor - The Best Reality Show -

Hey guys!!!
This entry is about the REALITY SHOW, and guess what? This is not about THE AMERICAN IDOL, THE X FACTOR, ANTM, or the other reality show...but I wanna talk about THE SURVIVOR!!! YEAHHH!!

There are a lot of things that we can learn in this show and the most importing thing is...

Yeah, in this game we do not to trust people especially to those who just we knew. So, we need to play save in this game!!!

In this game there were fighting for the prize, and you know what ?? The prize is not just a small amount of money but...


That's WORTH to fight for I guess!! Hahaha..but it is not easy because they need to do some task first. There are two challenge in this game which are REWARD AND IMMUNITY CHALLENGE. 

And to those who win the challenge the will be given the REWARD and also IMMUNITY.

The best thing in this about the show is... THE HOST aka JEFF PROBST... The host never change since the first season and hope it will remains...

That's all guys from me and i hope you can enjoy the show... Here check the winner of the survivor through the season..


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