Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~ Lady Gaga : Green Monster ~

Hey guys...
Well, it just gets stranger and stranger in the entertainment scene every day.
Lady Gaga change to the real monster by change herself into a green monster.
Lady Gaga arriving at Narita Airport, Tokyo with this look....

What about that hah ???
Hundreds of fans greeted Mother Monster, who is in Tokyo for a charity concert. She arrived wearing a Valentino trenchcoat from the label's Fall 2011 collection.

What's even more shocking were Gaga's shoes!  The patent leather Christian Loboutin Daffodil platform pumps were only about five-inch high and we all know Gaga only wears heels that...

1.  look like torture device
2. are more than 10-inch in height

Take a look this ;

and this...

With her weird sense of fashion, I wonder who’d wear her clothes? Well, probably the millions and millions of Little Monsters out there.
Lady Gaga’s fashion line would surely be interesting and nothing less than ordinary. Especially her line of platform heels.

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